The Krays: The Mafia Connection

  • Year: 2024
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Language: English
  • Format: 1080p / Pal/colour


For more than half a century, rumours have circulated of the Kray’s relationship with the American Mafia. Some of these rumours were undoubtedly spread by the Krays themselves but what was the truth? Were the infamous brothers and self-styled gang bosses of the East End of London really as close to the mob as some would have you believe? Through an exclusive interview with a former American mobster, who asks to remain anonymous for his own safety we find out first-hand what really happened as the mafia tried to takeover London. Neil Jackson adds his own expert knowledge following extensive research and Kray’s cousin Kim Peat and family friend Maureen Flannagan speak about the Krays early life, the impact of their eventual incarceration for murder had on the family and how the legend lives on long after their deaths. Poignantly the documentary also features the late Dave Courtney in what would be his final recorded interview.
Available to buy: DVD: 01/07/2024


  • Richard John Taylor


  • Dave Courtney
  • Steve Wraith
  • Maureen Flanagan
  • Albert Sayers