The Concept

The key advantage of producing with 35 years worth of experienced distribution networks, is that we are able to produce extremely well informed, low risk, commercial product that buyers are requesting. Even more we have the advantage of discussing with international distribution partners and securing pre sales. For these reasons every single production High Fliers has made since it's first in 2013 has been profitable and a commercial success, not just in the UK, but around the globe.

High Fliers is working closely with numerous directors from script level all the way through production, to finally the films release. We are always open to guiding producers/directors on current trends and working closely with like minded teams or individuals on new projects.


Working in conjunction with internationally renowned companies like Technicolor and Visual Data Media we start by compiling and planning your films personalized distribution plan. With each genre, we identify your film's marketing and positioning needs within the market place also ensuring the most suitable release date. We produce artwork and trailers of the highest content which is then shared with all our major partners, such as Sky, Sony, Virgin, and the supermarkets for their approval before we release. A buyers opinion is always a useful tool.

As we sell so far in advance the release date will leave us with a few months to put together a comprehensive Press & Advertising campaign where the anticipation for the film will build and build. At this stage, we always welcome working hand in hand with the producers/directors and cast to really create a buzz from the press to the consumer. With a successful release in the UK, it really does make international sales that much easier, facts and figures don't lie. 

Return On Investment (R.O.I.)

On a calendar quarterly basis, High Fliers will begin sending you financial reports outlining your film's performance and monies due.

If you are interested in investing in film and would wish to learn more now really is the time to submerge into the world of film and join us on our fruitful voyage. Gone are the days of cowboy spending and High Fliers is at the forefront of low risk, precise knowledge and intuitive production.

If you are interested in investing or have a concept that needs a partner such as ourselves please contact