About Us

About High Fliers

Based in the world-famous Pinewood Studios, home to James Bond, Disney, and Star Wars, High Fliers was formed in 1988 as a rental company for Home Entertainment and quickly established itself as a market leader in the field and one of the most respected independent distributors in the UK. Supplying all the big rental outlets in the UK and Eire, it was High Fliers that first originated the idea of early Rental Exclusives, a practice that has now become a successful staple of the VOD market in the UK. 

In 2010 the company expanded from just rental to take on the retail distribution as well. Attending all the major film markets, High Fliers started buying all rights to a raft of titles across all genres. Since then our retail business has gone from strength to strength. Direct relationships with all the major UK retailers, from supermarkets like Asda, Sainsbury, Morrisons, and Tesco to specialists like HMV and leading digital and TV companies like Sky, Virgin, Sony, and Netflix ensure High Fliers releases have the widest possible distribution reach in the UK giving them the greatest chance of financial success.

In 2014 High Fliers began to capitalize on the potential of producing their own low risk commercially viable feature films, where they could guarantee distribution through their current vast network and contacts. The first two projects were One Direction documentaries, which sold over 100,000 units in the UK and went on to be sold in every major international territory. Following this success High Fliers has produced fantasy epics, moving true-life war films, serial killer films, all with huge financial success. With each film, the aim is to produce bigger and better films across assorted genres and make High Fliers one of the leading independent production companies in the UK.

As of 2019, as well as continuing to produce films, High Fliers has established itself as a rapidly growing international sales force with a dedicated team attending all the major international film markets, such as CANNES, AFM, EFM, and TIFF. With their knowledgeable support from the sale to delivery, High Fliers Films is the complete one-stop-shop for Films.

How are we doing it?

How are we doing it?

  • Marketing

    We pride ourselves on producing inventive and imaginative marketing strategies tailored to the needs of each individual release. We deliver exceptional campaigns which create the best possible releases across all movie platforms - Theatrical, Dvd, Vod, Digital and TV for each title, utilizing our unrivaled sales and marketing expertise.
  • Production

    Before any production High Fliers will do thorough research with foreign buyers and domestic buyers to come up with the most commercially viable project for the current market place. High Fliers has now produced 10 successful feature films with a serious appetite for more.
  • Distribution

    With an ever growing catalogue of over 500 films, we pride ourselves on the high quality and diverse subject matter of our movies, from big budget star led features with the likes of Richard Gere, Ryan Gosling, Tommy Lee Jones, Channing Tatum and Vin Diesel to lower budget independent productions - successes have been across a wide raft of genres from fantasy to family. Some of our biggest hits are Passchendaele (430,000 units), Arn (300,000 units) In The Electric Mist (260,000 units) and I Could Never Be Your Woman (215,000 units)

The people behind High Fliers

  • Carey Williams Head of Operations

  • Rebecca Gardner Sales and Publicity Executive

  • Hannah O'Donoghue Business Affairs Executive

  • Jeremy Rothwell CEO & Founder

  • May Monteiro Managing Director

  • Zach Rothwell Head of International Sales & Distribution

  • Libby Longden Business Affairs Executive

  • Mark Anderson Senior Account Manager / Retail & Digital

Contact us

If you have any questions or consultation, please reach us at rebecca@high-fliers.co.uk and we will provide the best requested information as soon as possible.