• Year: 2010
  • Genre: Documentary / War
  • Language: English / German
  • Format: Pal/colour


Echoing the sentiments of Schindler's List, Auschwitz is a hard-hitting but respectful war film which shows life as it really was at the death camp. Including documentary footage, controversial German director Uwe Boll (Rampage, Darfur) says "50% of the German population doesn't know anything about the Holocaust. When I realized that there were many people who deny the Holocaust, or who had a distorted point of view about it, I decided to make this movie and get straight to the point, without any metaphors."

Available to buy: DVD: 11/07/2011


  • Steffen Mennekes (Stoic, Beat, West Side Berlin, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich)
  • Uwe Boll (In the Name of the King, Bloodrayne, Postal, Alone in the Dark)